Lorenz DL6NCI



 Welcome to the site of DL6NCI!

My name is Lorenz and I was born in 1957 in Langenbach, Germany. I first listened to amateur radio in late 1973, mostly on 20m and 2m. I dreamed of having a licence, but in those days before the novice licence was introduced, I had to wait until I was 16. I did the licence exam in June 1974 and received my first call sign of DB8NC. This licence was of CEPT class 2 and only allowed for operation on 2m and higher. I did my morse exam (30lpm) in the summer of 1980 and received my new call sign, DH4NAG and later DL6NCI after the 60lpm morse exam.

By the friendship with Michael DB6NT our technical development went already early in the direction of the UHF/SHF. I am now qrv on all bands between 50 MHz up to 47 GHz. Main interest is 10/24GHz rainscatter operation.

Vy 73 de Lorenz, DL6NCI

E-mail: Lo (at) dl6nci.de