Jutta DL6NCR



 Welcome to the site of DL6NCR!

My name is Jutta. I first listened to radio in the 1980, because my husband (DL6NCI) was already licenced. I decided in 1986 to take a course in which I was prepared for the exam to get the class C licence. In march 1986 I passed this exam and I got my first callsign DG6NCC. This licence was of CEPT class 2 and only allowed for operation on 2m and higher. I did my morse exam (30lpm) in the spring of 1987 and received my new call sign, DH3NAG and later DL6NCR after the 60lpm morse exam.

Vy 73 de Jutta, DL6NCR

EMAIL: Jutta.oel(at)gmx.de