Some parts for sale

prices + shipping cost somewhere in the EU (15,-euro for each parcel).
Please write me your address and a valid phone number for the parcel service
if you want something from this parts and the offer #.

email: dl6nci(at)

Please check if your desired article is still available (status).

Last update: 10.10.2021

download for DB6NT manuals - click here

Example for ext. input signals

Mini GPS Leo Bodnar

or PLL units from DF9NP


OCXO MORION MV103A (Internet shop EBA...)


offer # 805/1  
article QO-100 PA
Power out 25W (PA STEALTH SM2427 - 12V)
Power in 144MHz 0.5W (upconverter DX patrol with 10MHz input)
connector N female IF and 10MHz input
connector N female for TX antenna 2400MHz
box Aluminium, not waterproof
item condition never used, only tested
price  295,00Euro
status avaliable,
remarks external 10MHz input needed, PTT: +12V@IF cable





BAMA tech dualband feed included, only dish needed 75-100cm

price: 45,00€ for the feed


offer # 810

rifle scope ->Laser/mm wave applications 35,00 Euro

offer # 888  
article meanwell PSU : RSP-500-24
Power out 500W
voltage In 100 -240V AC, max. 6A
connector screws
voltage out 20 - 26.7V (adjustable) , 21A
item condition never used, only tested
price 55,-euro
status avaliable
remarks temperature controlled fan




Rotary Dipol ID-elektronik (10/12/15/17/20m band)

2x 3.2m lenght


outdoor unit and control box

275,00€ (no shipping)

YAESU FTM-3100E FM mobil

(5/30/65W out)

more info in the internet




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