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Last update: 29.04.2021

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Example for ext. input signals

Mini GPS Leo Bodnar

or PLL units from DF9NP


OCXO MORION MV103A (Internet shop EBA...)

offer # 21/7  
article 434/10368MHz transverter MKU 10G2 prof. + DF9NP PLL
  434-436MHz IF - suitable for YAESU FT817/818 TRX
Power out 200mW
NF 1.3dB
gain 21dB
connectors SMA female
box milled aluminium
item condition never used
price 235,00€
status sold
remarks external 10,000MHz input needed, PTT: +12V@IF cable

offer # 21/11  
article 10368MHz power amplifier (former 12GHz ELISRA PA )
Power in 10mW (can be modified to 100mW input, if you use 200mW transverter)
Power out 22W
voltage -7V and +10V (Idq 10A I tx 14A)
connectors SMA female
box milled aluminium
item condition used
price 215,00€
status sold
remarks big heatsink needed

offer # 21/12  
article 12V power supply and protection unit for the10368MHz power amplifier
Power in  
voltage in +12V (not 13.8V)
voltage out -7V and +10V, 20A
box PCB mounted on copper plate
item condition never used
price 45,00€
status sold
remarks heatsink needed



offer # 805/1  
article QO-100 equipment - upconverter
Power out 25W (PA STEALTH SM2427 - 12V)
Power in 144MHz 0.5W (upconverter DX patrol with 10MHz input)
connector N female IF and 10MHz input
connector N female for TX antenna 2400MHz
box Aluminium, not waterproof
item condition never used, only tested
status avaliable,
remarks external 10MHz input needed, PTT: +12V@IF cable


offer # 805/2  
article QO-100 downconverter 10489/433MHz (part of db6nt converter + DF9NP PLL)
connector BNC (433MHz IF and 10MHz input) and SMA female for antenna 10489MHz
box PVC waterproof
item condition never used, only tested
voltage  12V
status avaliable
remarks external 10MHz input needed

BAMA tech dualband feed included, only dish needed 75-100cm and external 10MHz reference

price: 650,00€ for upconverter, downconverter and feed


offer # 21/13  
article ADF5355 PLL + DF9NP PLL for reference frequency input
Power out 5dBm
connectors SMA female
item condition never used
price 95,00€
status avaliable
remarks external 10,000MHz input needed

hornfeed 3400MHz - offer #21/15

milled aluminium - connector SMA female - price 55,00€

datasheet @ eisch-electronic homepage



offer # 810

rifle scope ->Laser/mm wave applications 35,00 Euro

offer # 888  
article meanwell PSU : RSP-500-24
Power out 500W
voltage In 100 -240V AC, max. 6A
connector screws
voltage out 20 - 26.7V (adjustable) , 21A
item condition never used, only tested
price 70,-euro
status avaliable
remarks temperature controlled fan

YAESU FTM-3100E FM mobil

(5/30/65W out)

more info in the internet




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